Why Lookswell?

We Guarantee Our Work.

I personally guarantee if you have any problems with our work, labor or paint, we will redo the work at no charge to you with no questions asked. My goal is to add you to the list of our many repeat customers.

Jim Scanlan - Owner

Lookswell Painting Inc. has been family owned and operated since 1963.

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20 Years on Angie's List

CHICAGO drywall

Wow! 14 years in a row. 

Only 5% of all paint companies receive this award yearly!

Go Green With Lookswell Painting

    Concerned about the environment? So are we.

Lookswell is committed to using environmentally friendly paints. We will help you choose the right paint for your project, from low voc to zero voc. We strive to recycle as many of the products used on the job as we can, such as protective plastics, paint containers, and plastic caulk tubes. We at Lookswell understand your concerns about your family’s health while you are going through a painting job.

We offer the following at no extra charge:


  • Seal off all areas that are not being worked on with room sealers.
  • Wrap all furniture in plastics for dust free protection.
  • Seal all floors with Rosin paper, then drop cloths for added protection.
  • Never use toxic items for preparation.
  • Use of low VOC or NO VOC paint depending on area and available paint for your project.



 We offer these eco-friendy options